Safety and security management has become an increasingly important priority for large enterprises and for organizations with public-facing missions. With the list of external threats and potential vulnerabilities growing longer by the day, it’s critical to ensure that your organization has the technology and solutions in place to provide fail-proof safety and security management for facilities, people, and protected assets.

SDI is a leader in safety and security management solutions, equipping our customers with integrated security solutions that improve operational efficiency and increase security in mission-critical environments where failure simply isn’t an option.

Essential Safety and Security Management Solutions

No two organizations are the same. Safety and security management solutions that succeed in one environment may not be effective in another.  You need integrated security solutions grounded in best practices that can be tailored to your organization’s unique operating environment and risk matrix.

Based on our experience with Global 3000 companies across a range of industries, there are several safety and security management solutions that can benefit most organizations interested in improving the performance and efficiency of the technology they rely on to protect people, facilities, and assets.

  • Command Center CONOPS and Design – Command center design, implementation, and support featuring a robust Concept of Operations (CONOPS) design process
  • Dispatch/Incident Management – Computer-aided dispatch, emergency collaboration, and mass notification systems designed for large public-safety organizations
  • Situational Awareness Systems – Technology that increases situational awareness and reduces costs through improved intelligence
  • Evacuation Planning – Evacuation planning and notification systems for ensuring the safety of personnel and collaborating with first responders

From deploying a state-of-the-art command center or leveraging our managed service programs to maximize operational systems performance, SDI offers a broad set of impactful public-safety solutions that improve safety and security in society while optimizing our clients’ IT investments.

The Benefits of Choosing the SDI Team

  • 25+ years of designing, deploying, and supporting integrated physical security systems for large scale, public safety organizations.
  • PMP-certified Project Manager-led Technical teams hold certifications in leading video, analytics, access control, CAD products
  • Public Safety and security industry subject matter experts, with CJIS expertise
  • Active public safety, law enforcement IT and security industry participation

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