A common challenge faced by our clients is expanding the capacity of complex custom applications running on the on-premise infrastructure.  Migrating these applications to the cloud could be difficult and potentially disruptive.

Hybrid Cloud architecture allows on-premise systems to leverage cloud services. It can be as simple as extending disk storage to the cloud, distributing processing workloads, or presenting outside-facing access securely while keeping core systems inhouse.

SDI Presence can perform a Hybrid Cloud assessment to analyze the target systems and propose a strategic Hybrid Cloud solution. Applications, business drivers and functional requirements will be analyzed when creating a cloud strategy.  Special consideration will be given to the current state of infrastructure with an eye to setting the foundation for the future.

SDI’s Hybrid Cloud strategy includes the following four-step process:

  • Assignment – Determine use-cases followed by exploring suitable solutions.
  • Planning – Architect a clear deployment strategic plan in line with the planned objectives.
  • Deployment – A Phased step approach of execution, migration, and expansion.
  • Optimization – Introduce operational best practices and opportunities to improve existing processes.

The benefits of Hybrid Cloud computing include:

  • Scale IT capacity without the need for Capital investment
  • Pay as you go model to support spikes in demand when needed
  • Flexibility in keeping sensitive data inhouse
  • Reliability and availability of cloud services
  • Control of the same level of security as your in-house systems

SDI has a proven track record in modernizing legacy systems by introducing a middleware layer to support industry-standard Web Services opening endless possibilities toward digital transformation.

SDI’s Infrastructure Services supports over 2000 mission-critical servers and applications with certified engineers and developers in partnership with leading-edge technology vendors. Contact us to learn how SDI’s Information Technology experts can extend the functionality and performance of your organization’s critical systems.

The Benefits of Choosing the SDI Team

  • Customer-focused and proactive 24×7 service desk, NOC/SOC, and field services teams to deliver availability, security, and innovation
  • Specialty in modernizing legacy IT network infrastructure for greater availability, reliability, and scalability
  • ITIL-based deployment methodology, with delivery teams led by PMP-certified project managers.
  • Broad technical capacity with leading product vendors to configure technologies to meet the unique needs of clients
  • Long resume of guiding client organizations through technology change and innovation
  • 98% customer satisfaction score in 2019

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