Workforce Dimensions Implementation

Project Description

A Healthcare client contracted SDI to replace an aging, custom-built application with a modern, scalable, cloud-based system to facilitate applying different timekeeping rules across the larger organization. The Healthcare chose Kronos Workforce Dimensions for its new time and attendance system for 4,800 shift workers in 25 campus buildings.

Project Goals

Implement an attendance tracking system such as Kronos Workforce Dimensions to more easily manage the complexities of timekeeping by simplifying scheduling and calculating hours with a variety of pay rules.

Services Delivered

SDI as a Subcontractor to Kronos provided the following services:

  • Provisioning and deployment of Kronos’ new InTouchDX time clocks, including device and server configuration
  • User Acceptance Testing Plan for all scheduling, pay, and leave rules
  • Test Scripts to simplify the testing process for the UIH team
  • Administrator, Supervisor and Employee Training
  • Level-1 Troubleshooting
  • Post-installation Configuration and Updates
Project Results
  • SDI successfully completed installation and testing of 60 Kronos time clocks as for 4,800 shift workers across 25 campus buildings.
  • SDI provided on-site support for deployment during increased medical staffing demands at the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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