City IT Managed Services
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Procurement of an Enterprise Land Management, Planning and Permitting System

A West Coast City was seeking the services of a professional consultant to assist in completing a Needs Assessment Study.

Digital Transformation Services for a West Coast City

SDI began with an assessment of the City’s existing technology resources and use of those resources compared to best practices and the City’s goals and...

Computer Hardware, Software, and Related Maintenance & Installation Services

One of the oldest and largest park districts in the United States contracted SDI to provide dependable, quality IT Managed Services for its 3,000+ users:

ERP Procurement and Implementation for West Coast City

A West Coast City contracted SDI to obtain an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Project Management (PM) and Implementation Services to help ensure that the project...

CAD Resident Systems Administrator Services

SDI Presence was contracted to provide a Resident Systems Administrator (RSA) who would provide ongoing system administration support services for a West Coast police department.

Corporate HQ Employee Office Staged Return/Seating

A major IT firm contracted SDI to evaluate current office as-built conditions for establishing safe employee return to the office protocols.

IT Relocation Service for Major City

A major city contracted SDI to relocate six (6) departments and associated divisions (670 resources) to a new office location and consolidate departments to specific...

Corporate Lobby Reentry Plan

A major developer with assets across the U.S. contracted SDI to evaluate its current floor plans to establish safe, socially distanced tenant/visitor route patterns for...

Fingerprinting Imaging System Services

An Office of Systems Integration contracted SDI to provide maintenance and operations services for its Fingerprint Imaging System.

Wide Area Network Services for Department of Education

The Department of Education ”Department” required a more reliable and robust network environment to provide connectivity to their schools.

LAN/WLAN Implementation for Major City’s Public School

A major City’s public school system desired over 600 schools within the school system to have networking services to provide Internet access under the Federal...

Corporate Technology Assessment for Community Health Center

A comprehensive primary care community health center needed to identify strengths and deficiencies in the current corporate infrastructure.

Change Management for Utility Billing Relief

A City’s Water Utility contracted SDI to provide water, sewer, and tax billing relief to the City’s non-metered customers through billing modifications

Enterprise Application Implementation – Project Management, Change Management, Testing and Training

A natural gas Utility client contracted SDI to develop a multi-year four-tower, multi-vendor project that began in 2018 and is expected to conclude in 2022.

Information Systems Master Plan for Water Utility District

A Water Utility District contracted SDI to conduct an Information Systems (IS) Master Plan.