Corporate HQ Employee Office Staged Return/Seating

Project Description

A major IT firm contracted SDI to evaluate current office as-built conditions for establishing safe employee return to the office protocols. The firm wanted to ensure employees return to the office feeling safe and socially distanced under Covid-19 conditions.

Services Delivered

SDI used the current tenant suite configuration to establish a safe work environment including reception area protocols, workstation space scenarios, staggered attendance/shifts, protective barrier placement, shared space recommendations (conference rooms, breakrooms, lunchrooms, restrooms, wellness rooms), sanitation station placement, social distancing signage placement, visitor/customer procedures and furniture, fixture, equipment information for maintenance controls based on CDC 6ft guidance.

Project Results

Employees returned to the office with confidence knowing they would be safely distanced based on the floor plan layout and correlating staggered schedule, check-in calendar, and sanitation protocols established by the SDI Team.

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