Because There Should be No Barriers to Brilliance

At SDI Presence, we know that too often brilliant, dedicated, driven people are stifled by the old way of doing things. They never have a chance to use their voice. We want to hear them. And more than that, to be our best, we need to hear them. We’re better when we have more voices. It’s why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are part of everything we do.

Growing More Diverse, Growing Better

Our D/E/I initiatives are an ever-evolving process. There’s no one piece of paper that tells us what to do. It’s not rolled out once a year for some proclamations. It’s a way that we do business, changing as we learn, growing as we fail, and striving to be more responsible every day.

Some of our pledges include:

  • Exceeding diversity spending l goals in our new and existing contracts
  • Expanding our MBE/WBE business partnerships
  • Diverse workforce recruiting
  • Creating a corporate culture that celebrates diverse perspectives, including a workforce that significantly represents minority inclusion


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Raising the DE&I bar at SDI

SDI provides the expertise that comes from a Tier 1 firm, with MBE-oriented business partnering and mentoring that exponentially achieves diversity goals.

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A Certified Minority Business Enterprise

SDI Chief Executive Officer David Gupta founded SDI in order to help organizations meet the challenges of the future. And that meant not doing things the old way. It meant being creative and finding the kind of people who would live up to that promise. We are proud to be a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and keep moving forward. We know that together we can make a better world.


More Opportunities Equals More Possibilities

Too often, diversity is simply checking the box by companies who tout a mature enterprise-wide diversity program but end up just hiring a few people and offering minimal participation in engagements. But that fails to tackle the systemic difficulties facing women and minorities in STEM fields. We see this every day. We see it in our communities. And we’re here to make a change.

That’s why we’re investing in tech centers in Chicago neighborhoods that have long been neglected by top tech companies. There is talent there. It needs a voice. And when it has that voice, all our possibilities are enlarged.

We’re present in our communities, for our colleagues, and proud to be part of a more inclusive future.

Grow with Us

Diversity has been a part of SDI Presence since the beginning. See how it’s in everything we do.

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