Mission-Critical Technology for the Public Sector

Governments and government agencies have to balance multiple interests. They have the responsibility to keep everything running for the public while being careful about a budget and uncompromising and security. There’s a lot at stake. The well-being of the community is your job, and you need the technology to get it done.

That’s where SDI Presence comes in. Our hyperlocal services empower you to maximize service while respecting taxpayer dollars. Our mission is to support those who serve others.

What A True IT Partnership Means For Public Entities

Government technology is hard work. You’re faced with constant organizational and financial challenges, in a highly-visible and vital job. You have tons of regulatory and budgetary hurdles. But you still have to deliver, every time. What’s more, you’re driven to deliver.

We recognize that. That’s why our team of municipal experts partners with you to:

  • Improve Public Safety
  • Ensure Security
  • Remove Process Obstacles
  • Eliminate Wasteful Technologies
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Empower Staff

People are counting on you. You can count on us. Let’s plan tomorrow.

Organizational Change Management: Guiding a Midwest Utility On Its Enterprise Asset Management Journey

SDI’s white paper, Organizational Change Management: Guiding a Midwest Utility on its Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Journey, explores the implementation of a successful integrated change management program in an agile environment.

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Our Comprehensive IT Services

In a complex and fast-changing world, you need a team that understands how to marry legacy technology with cost-saving, process-streaming, cutting-edge techniques. We’re honored to work with your teams to create sustainable solutions to the pressing tech challenges of today- and tomorrow. We’re more than a consulting firm. We’re your partner for a better future.

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Presence Managed Services

As technology shifts and the way we use it changes, our team is on the ground every day to make sure it runs correctly, adapts to the situation, and prepares for the future.


Where do you want to be next year? 10 years from now? What do you need to get there? We assess, plan, and even manage every step you take to move your organization forward.


Your next phase requires new technology. Our experts understand the market, understand your needs, and know-how to acquire and implement your tech while controlling costs.


How does it run? How do we increase efficiency? How do we move to the cloud? Building an infrastructure means taking a comprehensive look and needs, goals, and possibilities.


You run critical infrastructure. That means you are vulnerable to accidental disasters and intentional assaults. SDI provides the protection you need in a shifting security environment.

The Presence Difference

Presence is more than proximity. It means taking the time to know your organization’s unique needs and business strategies. Presence is being there when needed.


The Value of Presence

You’ve got a lot of pride in your community. We understand. We’re hyperlocal.

When you work with SDI Presence, you work with a team that lives in your community. We don’t believe in flying in during the week and popping by some meetings. We understand your challenges. We understand the possibilities. And we understand and love the community.

These aren’t jobs. These are missions. We live where we serve. We’re in this together.

A Roadmap For The Future

Governments can’t just handle the issues of today. They have to be prepared for what’s coming tomorrow. And that means government technology has to plan and budget for years ahead.

That’s what we’re experts in. We can help you slowly change your technology over the years, creating a roadmap that meets budgets, incorporates legacy equipment, and futureproofs your system.

Governments don’t change overnight. You need to see far into the future to plan a non-disruptive transition. We’ll partner with you to create a workable roadmap.


People and Processes Matter

One of our three values is “Community”. We believe in our communities. And we believe in the people who live there- and that means the people who work with you. We want to make their jobs more efficient, more productive, and more fulfilling. The right technology can do that.

At SDI, we don’t believe governments need business jargon that takes people out of the picture. Collaboration, listening, and learning are the heart of the mission.

We’re here to build with you. We’re here to improve on what you have. We’re here to strengthen everyone in the community.

Improved Processes Start With Presence

Your project isn’t a job for us. It’s a mission that impacts our neighbors, and our families. That’s what it means to be hyperlocal. Let’s work together and design better solutions.


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