Fingerprinting Imaging System Services

Project Descriptions

An Office of Systems Integration contracted SDI to provide maintenance and operations services for its fingerprint imaging system (“System”). The System includes the application and the automated fingerprint identification system application that interface through batch and real-time processing.

Project Goals
  • Effectively Eliminate Welfare Fraud: The System provides a match of duplicate records and can match two fingerprint images that are associated with the same individual.
  • Effectively Eliminate Payments to Incorrect Payees Due to Fraud or Administrative Error: The System can verify if the person in the office is or is not the entitled recipient identified in the record corresponding to their claimed identity.
Services Delivered

SDI’s personnel include a Team Lead/Project Manager, Developers, Database Administrator, System Administrator, and Analyst:

  • Provides maintenance 24×7 days a week as required
  • Provide Maintenance, Job Monitoring, and Enhancements to SFIS
  • On-Site Level II and III support for SFIS
  • Database Administration
  • Design of data security strategy and processes at the application interface level
  • Develop and manage stored procedures
  • Create and maintain application and database documentation
  • Interact with client, end-users, and SFIS team to analyze, define, test and implement SFIS enhancements or modifications
  • Provide SFIS staff application and tools training; Identify end-user training needs or application fingerprint/photo capture issues
  • Create and maintain SFIS project documentation
  • Perform Quality Assurance and Configuration Management
Project Results

SDI has provided outstanding customer service to since March 2010. We continue to receive contract extensions as a result of the highly specialized expertise and services we provide.

SDI has delivered cost-effective, innovative technology systems to organizations throughout the public and private sectors.

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