Cloud Cost and Security Analysis For a Large Midwest City

Project Description

A major Midwest City wanted to modernize their infrastructure while considering implementations of the cloud. They needed a cost and security analysis that would help simplify the project, while helping deliver cost savings and improve security operations.

Project Goals

The City wanted to gain insights on how new environments are migrated into the Cloud while uncovering ways to save based on usage, time of usage and types of workloads being used. In addition, the goals were to fill the gaps of additional security compliance that Azure and AWS don’t always find.

Services Delivered
  • Technology implementation
  • Cloud security
Project Results

SDI helped the city expose additional misconfigurations and compliance baselines. SDI resolved all issues in Azure and AWS security centers. Our Cost Analysis created savings of $1800 per month while also recommending additional solutions to reduce pricing and improve cost automations. Simple automation processes were established that created additional efficiencies.

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