ERP Procurement and Implementation for West Coast City

Project Description

A West Coast City contracted SDI to obtain an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Project Management (PM), and Implementation Services to help ensure that the project is conducted in a disciplined, well-managed and consistent manner.

Client Objectives
  • Enhanced operational effectiveness by making more timely, accurate and complete information available to citizens, the Mayor and City Council, the City Manager and other City personnel
  • Improved reporting and staff access to finance, budgeting, payroll, and billing data, as well as information that supports self-serve access and activities
  • Inclusion of a Time and Attendance system that meets City requirements
  • Utilization of information technology to improve service and transparency to the community
  • Improved management and public policy decision making by increasing the ability to analyze data
  • Continuous access to upgraded technologies to support current and future core functional needs
Services Delivered

SDI services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Review the City’s existing IT systems, resources and activities compared to the commonly available functions and features of modern ERP systems
  • Interview key City staff in various departments and business functions regarding the use of the current systems and manual business processes as they relate to ERP functionality and what is commonly available to other systems
  • Identify other features, concepts and possible municipal uses of common ERP functionality
  • Tabulate results and provide an analysis of the information gathered
  • Assist in the identification of ERP software vendors to whom a Request for Proposal (RFP) should be sent
  • Gather representative costs and timelines from software vendors to replace or upgrade the current PeopleSoft ERP system
  • Work with City Staff to prepare a comprehensive RFP document for distribution to prospective vendors for the purchase, installation and implementation of a replacement ERP system or an upgrade to the existing PeopleSoft system

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