In today’s cyber threat landscape, finding the right partner with unmatched experience in delivering timely managed services necessary to maintain security-related technology systems is very critical to maintaining your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

SDI managed security services provides highly responsive, cost-effective, and low risk solutions for both public and private organizations – delivering and maintaining technology applications, infrastructure, and devices.

SDI’s on-call or embedded teams provide access to seasoned professionals with the talents required to address the variety of issues that may surface in supporting our security clients’ day-to-day operations. SDI teams deliver comprehensive managed security services to improve cyber capabilities, achieve security impact and value, and reduce complexity.

The Benefits of Choosing the SDI Team

  1. Over 20 years of delivery excellence
  2. SDI Team includes CISMs, CCISPs and Security certifications in leading products (MS, Cisco, etc)
  3. PMP-certified lead for each engagement
  4. Core expertise in network and infrastructure support and delivery – can lead and assist clients in multiple IT areas prior to the audit, during the audit, and take ownership of remediation management of items discovered in the audit
  5. Resume of successful engagements at major mission-critical government clients
  6. The SDI Team holds strategic relationships with a range of partners to address cybersecurity at multiple levels within each unique client environment
  7. 98% customer satisfaction rating

A Full Range of Presence Managed Services

We are present. We are responsive. Our managed security services deliver continuous network visibility and proactive detection and response to cyber-attacks 24×7.

  • SOC analysts leverage proprietary hunting methods to: find and contain existing threats​; detect and contain new attacks
  • Leveraging full packet capture, behavioral analytics, anomalous signal detection
  • Log collection and aggregation
  • Forensic investigation tools and threat intelligence
  • Periodic vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
  • Daily alerts and weekly reports provide critical insight to your security team illuminating where preventative measures failed, and areas that require refinement.
  • Optional employee cyber training
  • On-site network/security engineers for remediation activities
  • MSSP program oversight by experienced Project Manager(s)

Welcome to SDI’s Innovation IT Hub

SDI’s 11,000 sq ft IT Innovation Hub is integral to the delivery of our advanced IT infrastructure managed services, including digital, cybersecurity, and cloud for both established and upcoming enterprises.

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