The Challenge of Legacy Systems

Many organizations find themselves saddled with legacy systems that are barely functional, serving only for historical reporting or compliance needs. Yet, these systems come with a host of challenges: from maintaining outdated hardware and software to ensuring staff are trained to use them, not to mention the constant battle against cybersecurity threats.

How ArchiveLink Works

At SDI, we work closely with our clients to understand their data and reporting needs. We migrate legacy data of any type into a modern, supported database environment using innovative AI tools. Our team manages the entire process, from database creation to data import, ensuring a seamless transition. With our modern user interface, accessing and querying data becomes a breeze. Plus, our system supports agency-defined reports to meet compliance and reporting needs.


Benefits of ArchiveLink

There are many benefits of moving your data to ArchiveLink, including:

Decommission Legacy Systems

Decommission Legacy Systems:
Say goodbye to ongoing maintenance costs

Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

Reduce Cybersecurity Risks:
Move to a secure and supported platform

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive Interface:
Minimal training required with our user-friendly interface

Streamlined Operations

Streamlined Operations:
Simplify management tasks like backup, recovery, and patching

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting:
Utilize tools like Microsoft SSRS for custom reporting

User Satisfaction

User Satisfaction:
Eliminate the need for staff to navigate outdated interfaces

Features of ArchiveLink

ArchiveLink is an easy-to-use, feature-rich platform:

Intuitive Interface

User-Friendly Interface:
Navigate easily through our browser-based platform

Quick Data Retrieval

Quick Data Retrieval:
Find what you need with fast search and retrieval capabilities

Data Export

Data Export:
Export data in Excel, CSV, or PDF formats for further analysis

Compliance Support

Compliance Support:
Fulfill regulatory and open records requirements effortlessly

Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

Robust Security:
Ensure restricted access with role-based permissions and MFA

Citizen Self-Service

Citizen Self-Service:
Provide a public-facing portal for easy access to information


Why Choose ArchiveLink?

  • Security: Eliminate security risks associated with unsupported systems.
  • Ease of Use: Enjoy a user-friendly dashboard packed with productivity features.
  • Compliance and Records Retention: Meet regulatory requirements effortlessly.
  • Cost Savings: Free up IT resources and eliminate the need for legacy licenses and maintenance.

Make the switch to ArchiveLink today and experience the freedom of modern data management, efficiency, and peace of mind.

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