In today’s dynamic business environment, enterprise applications drive performance and productivity in large organizations. SDI’s application managed services programs deliver application service levels that client stakeholders expect.

SDI Presence offers a unique breadth and depth of experience in maintaining both COTS and customized applications within a clients’ application portfolio. SDI brings 20 years of application managed services expertise for large complex enterprise applications: evaluating, recommending, procurement support, designing, coding, testing, implementing, installing, upgrading, maintaining, and coordinating with third parties for remediation of problems and changes to software functionality.

The Benefits of Choosing the SDI Team

  1. A robust, flexible, and cost-effective applications services delivery model
  2. Over 20 years of application managed services excellence
  3. Innovative customer-focused team with experience maintaining mission-critical applications.
  4. Significant subject matter expertise and certifications in leading enterprise applications
  5. Track record of developing realistic IT strategic plans that consider technological advancement, stakeholder input, and the reality of budget constraints.
  6. 98% customer satisfaction rating

Comprehensive Enterprise Application Managed Services

We are present. We are responsive.
Our services include:

  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Enhancements
  • Application Support Services
  • System Upgrades
  • Innovation and Strategic Planning

Welcome to SDI’s Innovation IT Hub

SDI’s 11,000 sq ft IT Innovation Hub is integral to the delivery of our advanced IT infrastructure managed services, including digital, cybersecurity, and cloud for both established and upcoming enterprises.

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Unmatched Technical and Industry Expertise

For over 20 years, SDI has delivered cost-effective, innovative technology systems to organizations throughout the public and private sectors. These solutions have led to a collection of success stories that demonstrate our firm’s impressive industry domain knowledge and IT capabilities.

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