Water Billing and Customer Information System

Project Description

A major water Utility contracted SDI to perform Banner Database Migration effort will involve the conversion of 600-plus forms from Client Server Forms 6i to Web based Forms 12c. The forms migration effort is necessary since Oracle 12c database does not support client/server functionality, the Oracle Forms will be decommissioned, and standard Oracle middle-tier components will be utilized. In addition, new application servers will be required to support the new environment.

Project Goals

In order to extend the shelf-life of the product, the IT department of a major water utility has tasked SDI with upgrading the Banner database from Oracle to Oracle 12c and migrating to a new Banner Web Layer version.

Services Delivered

SDI was selected to provide Quality Management Services to define the acceptance criteria for each phase of the project. SDI’s Quality Management activities include:

  • Web Tier
    • Environmental Configuration
    • Interface Configuration
    • New Construction Module
    • Pay Arrangement Module
    • Adjustment Module
    • Service Order Module
    • Payment Module
    • Locator Module
    • Top View/Module
  • Account Home Page Module
    • Communication Module
    • Financial Module
    • Note Maintenance Module
    • Calendar Module
    • High Bill Module
    • Collection Module
    • Administration Module
    • Miscellaneous/Other Inventory Module
    • Alerts Module
    • Database Constraints
  • Technical Specifications Documentation
  • Training – conducted Train the Trainer for Users
  • Implementation:
    • Mock go-live testing
    • Go-Live

Post Implementation Support

Project Results

The Banner Database Upgrade/Migration consists of four phases as follows:

  • Phase I: Technical Environment Assessment (completed)
  • Phase II: Pilot (completed)
  • Phase III: Database/Forms Upgrade (completed)
  • Phase IV: Refresh – Web Layer (eCSR) (in progress)

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