Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Implementation – Project Management, Change Management, Testing and Training

Project Description

A Natural Gas Utility client contracted SDI to implement an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. Over the two-year project term, SDI delivered project management, change management, testing, and training professional services. Key project deliverables included:

  • Replacement of the current outdated enterprise asset management work management system.
  • Delivery of a sustainable change management strategy and companion tactics to enhance user awareness and ensure adoption of the new ways of working.
  • Establishment of a business-focused approach for the change based on high levels of user involvement.
  • Development of an iterative release strategy, moving away from traditional waterfall methodology.
Services Delivered

SDI change management services delivered include:

  • Comprehensive multi-year change strategy and plan
  • Detailed analysis – assessment (stakeholders, impacts)
  • Leadership and employee engagement plan
  • Change agent network
  • Internal change management campaign and branded multimedia communication plan
  • Training strategy, training team coaching, development of materials, and training delivery
  • Relevant metrics derived from readiness surveys, lessons learned, user feedback, and other devices
  • Periodic recognition and celebration
  • Change Feedback (after Release 1)
Project Results (after Release 1)
  • 99 percent of respondents say that training was valuable
  • 90 percent of leaders agree with the change approach

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