Transform Your Organization’s Asset Management Practices

Effective Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is crucial for organizations aiming to optimize operational efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize ROI. SDI Presence is committed to helping businesses streamline their asset management processes, leverage innovative technologies, and achieve long-term success.

Whether it’s physical equipment, infrastructure, or digital assets, ensuring their optimum performance, availability, and longevity is crucial for achieving business objectives. Here’s why effective EAM matters:

  • Improved Asset Performance and Reliability: Regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and asset tracking enable faster issue detection and timely repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring reliable asset performance.
  • Optimal Resource Allocation and Cost Reduction: By gaining visibility into their asset inventory, organizations can identify underutilized assets, accurately plan for replacements or upgrades, and make informed decisions on resource allocation.
  • Compliance with Regulations and Standards: Businesses can easily track and document asset maintenance history, demonstrate compliance, and adhere to industry-specific regulations.
  • Data Driven Insights: By leveraging advanced analytics and reporting, businesses can make data-driven decisions regarding asset investments, replacements, or upgrades.

SDI Presence leverages state-of-the-art asset tracking systems and predictive maintenance practices to enable organizations to efficiently monitor their assets. Our solutions provide real-time visibility, ensuring proactive maintenance, optimizing asset performance, and reducing the risk of unexpected failures or downtime.

Work Order Management

With user-friendly interfaces and mobile capabilities, technicians can access real-time data, submit service requests, and track work progress, enhancing productivity and minimizing response times.

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Inventory Management

SDI Presence’s EAM solutions offer advanced inventory management capabilities, allowing organizations to maintain accurate asset inventories, track stock levels, and streamline procurement processes. Businesses can reduce costs and ensure uninterrupted operations by optimizing inventory levels, ensuring spare parts for critical assets are on hand, and eliminating excess stock.

Scalable and Customizable Solutions

With customizable workflows and configurations, businesses can align the system with their specific processes and assets, ensuring a seamless integration with their existing infrastructure.

Integrated Analytics and Reporting

With real-time dashboards and customizable reports, businesses can make data-driven decisions, optimize asset utilization, and measure their ROI effectively. SDI Presence provides robust analytics and reporting functionalities, providing valuable insights into asset performance, maintenance costs, and overall asset lifecycle.

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