Ensuring Safety and Well-Being

When life and property are threatened and every second counts, a reliable and efficient Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system is essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of both the public and emergency first responders rushing to the scene. CAD solutions provide a comprehensive view of the status, location, and availability of all resources including vehicles, equipment, and personnel. Dispatchers can identify the closest or fastest arriving and most appropriate responders based on their location, availability, and specialized skills/equipment, which enables them to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation – ensuring the right personnel and equipment are dispatched to the scene promptly and safely.

At SDI Presence, we understand the critical importance of effective emergency response operations and perform CAD projects with due care and respect. We maintain continual awareness of the functionality and evolution of CAD systems and have exceptional working relationships with CAD vendors. This helps us achieve our ultimate responsibility – to help you find and implement the right CAD system for your operation and ensure you receive the highest quality of service from your selected vendor.

Integrated Communications

To support dispatchers’ need for continuous communication flow with field personnel, CAD systems rely on the confluence of telephony, radio, data networks and information systems. These include incoming 9-1-1 and 10-digit calls-for-service (both wired and wireless), geographical information systems, GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location services, external agency and DOJ CJIS databases, emergency responder and mobile unit resource databases, and CAD-TO-CAD interfaces for external agency calls for service. The level of interoperability and integration is highly complex.

SDI is familiar with the integration capabilities of major CAD solutions, and the broad spectrum of communications technologies and information systems supporting dispatch operations. We can integrate all components to seamlessly provide the critical interoperability required for real-time communications, accurate information, and operational efficiency.


Analytics and Reporting

Embedded report generation and data analytics tools in current CAD systems enable public safety organizations to identify trends, establish Key Performance Indicators, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their emergency response strategies. These tools also provide the ability to create comprehensive incident reports, display visual incident and unit response playback, analyze operational performance, and facilitate continuous improvement.

The SDI team helps clients identify and meet their reporting needs. When custom reports are needed, SDI works with both the selected vendor and client to identify, create, and produce the required output.


SDI takes great pride in being an organization of forward-thinking technology professionals, and believes that innovative solutions and ideas are the cornerstones of improvement and progression. We do not recommend technologies for technology’s sake – we recommend technologies which enhance productivity, elevate citizen service, and replace outdated processes and methodologies.

Additionally, SDI maintains a vendor-neutral position. We support and facilitate product evaluation, selection, and procurement decisions based exclusively on client agency needs and requirements, product capabilities and history, and experience – not based on vendor relationships.


Project Management and Implementation 

Client business and technology sponsors require a reliable project team which follows professionally-accepted methodologies to ensure that business users, partner agencies, and public governance executives receive expected value.

SDI’s CAD implementation teams have successfully completed numerous CAD projects involving a variety of CAD vendors, with dispatch operations spanning in size and scale from small municipal police departments to the California Highway Patrol’s state-wide system. We have implemented solutions involving over six hundred dispatch consoles to less than a dozen. Regardless of scale, for each engagement we provide task and project status reports and schedule updates, perform budget and financial analyses, manage risks and issues, foster communications among user agencies, assist agencies with user training, and help coordinate and execute system testing and cutover to live operations.

Ongoing Support 

As part of our overall implementation methodology, SDI’s team of experienced professionals work closely with your organization to ensure a seamless transition, and address any questions or concerns that may arise. We are available to provide ongoing operational, technical, and system administration support, and enhance the CAD system and your overall IT environment as your organization’s dispatch needs evolve.

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