Larger enterprises are spending significant time and money on big data initiatives to extract knowledge and insights from large and complex collections of digital data. But what is the quickest way to tap into the power of your data as it exists today and translate it into actionable data, that informs critical decisions like allocating resources or mitigating threats?

Using our blend of data professionals and industry domain experts, SDI Presence identifies relevant data within our clients’ large data volumes and uses analytical tools to create value from your organizations’ data.

SDI provides a large variety of detailed business intelligence and support documentation, as well as occasional briefings or advice to all management levels, both upon request and routine schedule. This includes formal third-party financial and business process audits, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) responses, on-demand business reports, projections, routine status reports, error detection, business metric documents, and longer-term guidance for business enterprise development and direction.

Reporting and data analytic examples that SDI Presence can provide include:

  • Annual financial and business process audit from third-party auditors, including standard financial audit reports such as:
    • balancing
    • deferred and unearned revenue
    • adjustments
    • debt and revenue projections
    • bad debt
    • collections

SDI teams can also generate custom-designed reports on demand.

  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) access responses based on raw data extracted from the application database with personally identifiable information (PII) encrypted
  • Decision support, business intelligence, and impact analysis for major initiatives
  • Past and future revenue projections on a regular basis
  • Analysis and reporting for consumption tracking (utility meter reading/AMI), input billing, inventory, revenue collection, customer support, and collections business activity
  • Monthly and weekly business and financial metrics for review and monitoring, including customer consumption and financial reporting

As an IT managed services provider, SDI provides critical information to all levels of technical support to assist in maintaining, upgrading, and extending the life of IT resources. As a systems integrator, SDI has the experience and proven track record with applications, systems, and business processes to interpret reports and metrics to help optimize your environment.  SDI also provides analytics on application services and availability for systems hosted internally and externally.

The Benefits of Choosing SDI

  • Highly-certified IT and project management senior consultants with long resumes of engineering data to support business decisions.
  • Multi-faceted senior technology consultants to address insights through data visualization to improve efficiency.
  • Deep functional expertise in underlying departmental business/operational processes and associated workflows, controls, compliance, and challenges
  • A product vendor-independent client-advocate – we work for you!

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