With the adoption of browser-based technologies, mobility “Bring Your Own Device,” and the cloud as the vehicle of choice for the delivery of IT services, the role of information technology organizations has changed quickly and dramatically.

SDI Presence knows the challenge is that the arrival of cloud-based services has not only given users more alternatives, but the velocity of change has also increased. Departments can quickly sign up for and access cloud-based services with little change to the organization’s IT infrastructure other than an increased consumption of bandwidth. This agility often comes at a price including the costs to eventually exit the service as well as the security of the information stored “somewhere” in the cloud.

Through digital transformation services, we help clients with a long-term vision for the use of information technology and make informed decisions regarding information technology expenditures.

SDI also works with our clients to create a focused and structured process for IT governance to ensure that:

  • IT priorities and funding are aligned with the organization’s business goals and objectives
  • IT has the resources to protect the organization’s information assets (including applications and data) from external and internal actors (cybersecurity).
  • IT is a business enabler and maximizes benefits, particularly regarding the ability of the organization to leverage its information assets to improve effectiveness; and to better sense and respond to change (performance management and analytics).
  • IT resources are used responsibly (resource management).
  • IT risks are managed appropriately (risk management).
  • IT delivers value to the organization (value delivery).

The Benefits of Choosing SDI

  • Consulting resume featuring over 250 projects
  • Delivered over 100 IT assessments/strategic plans
  • Highly-certified IT and project management senior consultants with long resumes of IT/financial leadership
  • Multi-faceted senior technology consultants to address the breadth of IT in an organization.
  • Deep functional expertise in underlying departmental business/operational processes and associated workflows, controls, compliance, and challenges
  • A product vendor-independent client-advocate – we work for you!

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