SDI delivers a strong cybersecurity posture and incident response plan for our clients to address intrusions before they happen – because they will happen. Early detection and the ability to stop and contain a breach as quickly as possible are key factors in mitigating risk.

SDI has comprehensive cybersecurity services and long-term programs to effectively reduce risk and ensure compliance. SDI offers cybersecurity services for data centers, networks, and endpoints.

  • 24×7 monitoring and incident response
  • Penetration testing
  • Maintenance and support
  • Dedicated on-site personnel
  • Security awareness training

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Probes a network or system to discover weaknesses
  • Results analyzed by security experts and prioritized by severity with remediation guidance

Penetration Test

  • Simulates actions of an external and/or internal attacker
  • Incorporates recent tactics, techniques, and procedures to infiltrate and exploit systems and gain access to data
  • Identifies systematic weaknesses with areas of remediation ranked by criticality

SDI brings cybersecurity, Managed Detection, and Response (MDR), integrating the best of signature, behavioral, and artificial intelligence capabilities with a rich suite of forensic investigation tools that enable our security analysts to block threats in real-time.

SDI’s cyber response teams are certified in leading industry technologies (MS, Cisco, Oracle) and CIS and NIST-based remediation best practices to quickly detect, contain breaches, and restore operations.  We are ready to assist you with initiating a cybersecurity audit, hardening your existing security posture, or responding to a cyber incident.

The Benefits of Choosing the SDI Team

  • 20+ years of designing, deploying and supporting resilient technology solutions for large scale, complex organizations.
  • Highly certified technical team of professionals including CISMs, CCISPs
  • Technical teams hold security certifications in leading products (MS, Cisco, )
  • Core expertise in network and infrastructure support and delivery, to quickly remediate cyber vulnerabilities
  • PMP-certified lead for each engagement
  • Strategic relationships with leading cyber products and niches services to address cybersecurity at multiple levels within each unique client environment
  • Dedicated local presence committed to supporting critical systems

A Full Range of Cybersecurity Services

Awareness is Key. Detect Threats Faster. SDI’s cybersecurity services include:

Looking to improve your organization’s cybersecurity posture? Call SDI to drive vigilance and resilience across your enterprise.

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