Business operations can be impacted by several events including environmental disasters, planned attacks, system failures, and information security breaches.  During a public emergency, your organization may have additional demands placed on it.  In addition, cybercriminals and adversaries can try to take advantage of the situation.

 Regardless of the type of emergency, organizations need to identify the essential personnel and business functions for the organization.  Disasters and disruptions that require a disaster recovery (DR) or Business Continuity (BC) response can take many forms.  When challenging situations arise, SDI Presence rises to meet them.  We help our clients build their Incident Response Plans and their DR/BC processes to meet these situations and threats so that they can maintain functionality and operational effectiveness.

Furthermore, as technology changes, we help our clients adapt their strategies, plans, and processes to the latest technologies and challenges. With evolving technologies like virtualization, replication, global load balancing, backups to disk, cloud solutions, and system migrations to the cloud, there is no “one size fits all” approach to DR and BC. Each environment is unique and requires its own unique solution. Impacts on systems are different.  Remote access is changing.  Some organizations, like public safety, may need more traditional data-center solutions, while others benefit more from remote/decentralized solutions.

When the City of Chicago was caught ill-equipped for large-scale teleworking during the coronavirus quarantine, SDI helped the City make the best use of its existing network resources and prioritize planning for future upgrades and situations.

SDI Presence and our partners follow standards and best practices from the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII).  We offer services for planning, testing, and updating processes for DR/BC, including services for help desk, data center, and data network.

Organizations need to be ready with:

  • Recovery and recovery planning
  • Testing for readiness
  • Internal and external backup storage
  • Restoration methods
  • High-availability failover (local and DR site)
  • Remote access capacity
  • Damage assessments
  • Communication and reporting
  • Management of the disruption and recovery
  • Transitions and testing to and from the DR/BC team
  • DR/BC plan updates

The Benefits of Choosing the SDI Team

  • 20+ years of designing, deploying, and supporting resilient technology solutions for large scale, complex organizations.
  • Highly certified technical team of professionals including CISMs, CCISPs
  • Technical teams hold security certifications in leading products (MS, Cisco, )
  • Core expertise in network and infrastructure support and delivery, to quickly remediate cyber vulnerabilities
  • PMP-certified lead for each engagement
  • Strategic relationships with leading cyber products and niches services to address cybersecurity at multiple levels within each unique client environment
  • Dedicated local presence committed to supporting critical systems

A Full Range of Services

Awareness is Key. Detect Threats Faster. Our services include:

Unmatched Technical and Industry Expertise

For over 20 years, SDI has delivered cost-effective, innovative technology systems to organizations throughout the public and private sectors. These solutions have led to a collection of success stories that demonstrate our firm’s impressive industry domain knowledge and IT capabilities.

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SDI understands the financial and operational impacts of these situations and helps organizations contain and recover from the effects.  Call SDI to launch the disaster response team within your organization.

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