Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

SDI Presence’s Virtual Contact Center solutions empower clients to deliver exceptional customer experiences while optimizing operational efficiency. With services including virtual contact center design, cloud-based infrastructure, integration, training, and support, SDI Presence’s team of experts is dedicated to helping organizations transform their customer interactions.  

Virtual Contact Center Design and Implementation

  • Integrating multi-channel communication channels, including voice, email, chat, and social media, ensures seamless and efficient customer interactions. 
  • Configuration of intelligent routing, CRM integration, and real-time analytics to boost productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Integration Services 

  • Customized integrations with existing CRM, ticketing systems, and other business applications.  
  • A unified view of customer interactions provides a streamlined workflow and enhanced agent productivity. 

Training and Support 

  • Comprehensive training services for agents and administrators, ensuring proficiency in utilizing the virtual contact center solution. 
  • Ongoing support and maintenance services to provide timely assistance and resolution of queries. 

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SDI’s 11,000 sq ft IT Innovation Hub is integral to the delivery of our advanced IT infrastructure managed services, including digital, cybersecurity, and cloud for both established and upcoming enterprises.

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