When effectively implemented and facilitated, IT governance helps organizations ensure that they are allocating their technology resources to the most critical projects and keeping IT objectives in alignment with business objectives and priorities.

An IT Governance program oversees and guides technology activities performed throughout the enterprise, including:

  • Developing, monitoring, and maintaining IT Strategic Plan initiatives
  • Ensuring an organization’s strategic direction is aligned with changing business and operational needs
  • Prioritizing new projects in annual work plans
  • Reviewing progress on technology projects and initiatives
  • Guiding technology policy
  • Encouraging effective collaboration between all business units and IT

Information technology governance is vital for organizations that need to obtain the highest possible return for their investment in technology.

IT governance is about making sound investment decisions that enable organizations to manage information effectively and efficiently.  But successful implementation of governance can be elusive for many organizations.

SDI Presence brings the experience, methods, and tools necessary to help government and utility clients improve their IT governance processes or create new ones.

Through our experience working with government and utility clients, SDI has learned best practices for setting up an IT governance structure.

  • Develop and maintain an IT strategic plan that aligns the IT work plan with business priorities, providing a baseline for IT governance.
  • Create an IT governance committee and place it at the highest possible level of the organization, ideally operating under the leadership of the City Manager or CEO.
  • Incorporate IT governance as an agenda item for existing meetings of user stakeholders, to ensure inclusion and awareness.
  • Develop a formal charter for the IT governance committee that defines membership roles and responsibilities, ensuring that the governance effort is sustainable.
  • Ingrain IT governance into the culture of the organization.

The Benefits of Choosing SDI

The benefits of Choosing SDI – Consulting

  • Consulting resume featuring over 250 projects
  • Delivered over 100 IT assessments/strategic plans
  • Highly-certified IT and project management senior consultants with long resumes of IT/financial leadership
  • Multi-faceted senior technology consultants to address breadth of IT in an organization.
  • Deep functional expertise in underlying departmental business/operational processes and associated workflows, controls, compliance, and challenges
  • A product vendor independent client-advocate – we work for you!

Unmatched Technical and Industry Expertise

For over 20 years, SDI has delivered cost-effective, innovative technology systems to organizations throughout the public and private sectors. These solutions have led to a collection of success stories that demonstrate our firm’s impressive industry domain knowledge and IT capabilities.

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