IT Governance Charter Services

Project Description

A West Coast City contracted SDI to review the City’s existing IT governance environment, making recommendations for improvement, and assisting with updates to the IT governance charter, tools, agenda, etc.

IT governance describes an organization’s structure for IT decision making in order to achieve business and operational goals.  IT governance relationships and processes are used to oversee and recommend the use of an organization’s IT resources (staff, hardware, software, and network).  IT governance allows the executive management of an organization to address issues such as alignment of IT with business objectives, mitigation of IT risks and ensuring a return on investment for IT expenditures.  This IT governance project facilitated the development, implementation, and training required for an effective IT governance framework that is supported by all stakeholders.

Project Goals

The City sought outside, independent experts to evaluate the City’s existing IT governance policy, process, and tools.  IT Governance unites business goals with the available IT resources and budget while ensuring departments take responsibility for the use of IT within their areas.

Services Delivered

SDI services included the following:

  • Review existing IT governance documentation (i.e. charter, agendas, minutes, participants, reports, etc.)
  • Interview key City staff about the IT Governance purpose, scope, goals/objectives, participants, roles & responsibilities, and meeting frequency
  • Conduct a workshop with key City staff to present findings, recommendations and to facilitate future IT Governance approach
  • Update IT governance charter and tools
  • Participate in initial IT governance meeting
Project Results
  • IT governance charter
  • Updated tools for IT governance
  • Processes to better manage and monitor the use of technology


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