Advanced video surveillance technology dramatically increases security performance in complex organizations. But it also creates additional challenges, including the added burden of monitoring vast numbers of cameras and video feeds.

SDI Intelligent Video/Analytics solutions increase operational efficiency by using technology to automate the monitoring of video surveillance camera feeds to detect intruders, suspicious patterns of behavior, and other pre-programmed patterns and alert security staff. Our solutions have been instrumental in delivering no-fail security for sophisticated, public safety clients that play a key role in law enforcement and anti-terrorism efforts, equipping them with the capacity to effectively monitor large volumes of video feeds.

In alignment with safety and security best practices, SDI offers multiple types of Intelligent Video/Analytics solutions:

  • Behavioral Analytics. Behavioral analytics solutions track the movements and actions of human targets. Designed to detect authorized/unauthorized entry to protected areas, loitering, and suspicious behaviors, these solutions are commonly used to secure large open areas, detect improper movement in airline gates and other purposes.
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition. In addition to applications in mass transit and tollways, automatic License Plate Recognition solutions are used across a range of industries to automatically detect and archive vehicle tags. Leveraging intelligent cameras embedded with software to detect and read license plates in a fraction of a second, these solutions detect authorized/unauthorized vehicles, delivering imagery that can be monitored in real-time and/or archived for later use.
  • Data Analytics. SDI provides in-house data analytics services, to cull insights and actionable information out of the vast data stores that are created by today’s security systems.  From manpower allocations to equipment repair vs replacement decisions to identifying security hotspots, clients can count on SDI to translate their data into decisions.

The Benefits of Choosing the SDI Team

  • 25+ years of designing, deploying, and supporting integrated physical security systems for large scale, public safety organizations.
  • PMP-certified Project Manager-led Technical teams hold certifications in leading video, analytics, access control, CAD products
  • Public Safety and security industry subject matter experts, with CJIS expertise
  • Active public safety, law enforcement IT and security industry participation

A Full Range of Physical Security Solutions

SDI offers a broad set of impactful solutions that improve safety and security in society while optimizing our clients’ IT investments:

Megapixel Surveillance System Implementation Across a City Airport System

The TSA charged with protecting the nation’s transportation systems, selected SDI to implement megapixel camera technology at its checkpoints throughout two International airports.

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