SDI offers industry-leading Emergency Management solutions that equip large organizations with the tools they need to maintain flawless emergency and evacuation procedures. Leveraging our 25 years of security expertise, SDI’s solutions are designed to deliver important benefits to your organization’s emergency planning program.

Evacuation Planning

SDI specializes in the creation of comprehensive and cost-effective emergency evacuation plans that conform to local and national codes and are tailored to your organization’s unique safety and operational requirements. SDI Evacuation Plans typically address a variety of elements, including:

    • Building Information Details and Summary
    • Property Management Staff Contacts
    • Required Staff Emergency Rolls and Procedures
    • Detailed Tenant Information
    • Evacuation Route and Stairwell Signage
    • Customized Training Videos
    • Drills and Training
    • Coordination with Local Governing Authorities
First Response Command Plans

SDI uses the latest technologies to equip first responders with a quick, convenient tool, enabling command teams to make life or death decisions in the field. SDI First Response Command Plans deliver many different types of information to en-route response teams, including:

    • Building contact information and building-specific critical information (e.g. fire control panel location)
    • General building system description (elevator, stairwells, sprinkler, risers, smoke control systems, mechanical systems/overrides, hazmat locations)
    • Entry-level/lobby floor plan (Siamese connections, active/inactive elevators, stairs, fire control panel locations)
    • Elevator/stair run diagram (crossovers and unique floor layouts, vanity stairwells, active/inactive elevators/stairwells)
    • Individuals Requiring Assistance listing (disability type, location)
    • Typical floor plan (critical emergency information by floor)
    • 3-block radius GIS staging map (hydrant locations, adjacent buildings)
Large-Scale Events

From conventions to festivals to political events – bring both economic benefits and the potential for violence, mass demonstrations, and other security risks to a host city. Law enforcement must be prepared to handle incidents and achieve event goals, such as minimal civil unrest, reduced response times, and ensuring the public’s safety.

Large-scale public events require a heightened use of technology – during advanced planning exercises, managing the crowds, traffic, and perimeters during the event, responding to an incident, and closing the event down. SDI provides comprehensive security technology planning and operations that will help guide senior leaders as they prepare for large-scale security events. SDI has a team of security, public safety, and technology experts that have extensive experience in running large-scale public events. From special events (political party conventions, sporting events) and annual events (large-scale festivals and concerts), SDI provides:

  • Tech advisory through embedded event support.
  • Predictive analytics and data modeling, including CBRNE, evacuation, crowd, and traffic flows, and weather simulations.
  • Event credentialing.
  • Command and control technologies – Systems selection and deployment through event close-out.
  • Mobile command vans, designed for independent incident management command and control – fully operational, featuring internet access, radios, floor plans, and satellite communications.
  • Specialized applications, including mobile apps and infrastructure.
  • After-action analysis.

Drawing on our team’s past experience with events including NATO summits, Presidential Elections, Air and Water shows, and some of the largest food festivals in the US, the SDI Team is well-versed in DHS, law enforcement, and special teams protocols. Working closely together with a municipality’s core planning teams and participating agencies, SDI delivers the inter-agency communications, advanced technology, and comprehensive surveillance programs necessary to best ensure the public’s safety.

The Benefits of Choosing the SDI Team

  • 25+ years of designing, deploying, and supporting integrated physical security systems for large scale, public safety organizations.
  • PMP-certified Project Manager-led Technical teams hold certifications in leading video, analytics, access control, CAD products
  • Public Safety and security industry subject matter experts, with CJIS expertise
  • Active public safety, law enforcement IT and security industry participation

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