Emergency Plan Services for Iconic Landmark

Project Description

A major property investment firm turned to SDI – the nation’s leading real estate technology firm – to provide emergency plan data for an iconic landmark in Chicago. Provided information would be used to support several real estate objectives for the firm, including:

  • Emergency plan to meet City Ordinance
  • Quick access to critical building information
  • Evacuation route signage and information
  • Tenant occupant data
  • Building and occupant summary for first responders

The Firm also required access to their building and tenant data from their tablet or mobile device for critical emergency situations.

Project Goals

The Firm wants to meet the City of Chicago Ordinance for emergency preparedness. Utilizing the updated architectural floor plans SDI maintains, fire plans and evacuation routes are created and maintained. Emergency procedures are documented. A First Response Command Plan, an 8-page summary of emergency plan data for first responders, is created and maintained. An App for providing what each individual is doing in certain emergency situations, with access to building data, is created and maintained.

Services Delivered

SDI services delivered, include but are not limited to the following:

  • Field Verified Building Conditions
  • Documented Building Mechanical Systems
  • Created Fire Floor Plans
  • Created Evacuation Route Floor Plans
  • Gathered Tenant and Occupant Data
  • Customized Emergency Procedures
  • Custom SDISECURE App
  • Maintenance of Data
Project Results
  • More accurate property and tenant data
  • Increased safety/preparedness
  • Faster response
  • Compliance with Ordinance
  • Tablet/mobile-based solution

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