Industrial Square Footage Accounting Services

Project Description

A grocery chain leader requires accurate square footage of their distribution centers in preparation for the sale of the properties. The accurate square footage is important because the sale price is based on a per square foot basis and the seller wants the highest value for the sale.

The existing architectural drawings need to be field verified for accuracy. Building usage will be documented during field verification. Existing architectural and CAD files are updated to reflect the accurate conditions of the distribution centers. BOMA standard square footage accounting calculations are performed, and final square footage reports are generated.

Client Objectives

The grocery chain leader planned to sell 4 of its owned distribution centers, representing approximately 1.1 million square feet, to a single buyer. Upon closing of the sale, the grocery chain leader will enter into lease agreements for each of the facilities for an initial term of 20 years with five five-year renewal options.

Services Delivered

SDI services delivered, include but are not limited to the following:

  • Project Management
  • Field Verification
  • Architectural CAD Generation
  • BOMA Standard Subject Matter Expertise
  • Report Generation
Project Results
  • Accurate Architectural Floor Plans
  • Accurate Square Footage Numbers
  • 5% Property Square Footage Growth
  • Accurate Data for Sale of Properties

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