Integrated Video and Information Systems Network at Category X Airport

Project Description

SDI’s airport client envisioned a security technology program that incorporates modern CCTV camera technologies, utilizing conventional digital as well as megapixel cameras placed according to a set of standard rules regarding fields of view, pixels on target, and area/activity/object of interest. The cameras will be connected by an integrated IP-based network, routing multi-streamed images to a video storage system (VSS) array and a video management system (VMS). A Physical Security Information Manager (PSIM) would integrate the new camera system with the existing CCTV system during the three year build-out period. PSIM will also bridge and integrate the Video Surveillance System to the airports’ Security and Access Control System (SAACS) and to provide a means of distributing and controlling video access workstations across the airport’s campus. When completely built out, which will take place over five phases, the system will include over 2,500 cameras, 100 workstations and a variety of video analytic and informational interface programs to support multiple stakeholders.

Client Objectives

The  Airports Commission wished to deploy a new airport- wide Security Surveillance System at the Airport to replace the current CCTV system. Phase I consisted of the Integrator building out and furnishing the physical facility housing of the test lab, creating a Test Environment which included final design, procurement, installation, configuration systems integration and a complete testing environment in a stand- alone LAN (Local Area Network). Phase I also included the purchase and installation of all test cameras.

The aviation authority contracted with SDI to complete all of Phase I of this project as well as provide the warranty, operations and maintenance of the test environment for one (1) year following acceptance of the test environment.

Services Delivered
  • Program and Project Management
  • System Configuration, Deployment and Testing Services of the VMS, PSIM
  • Implementation of  PSIM including integration with Access Control Systems, over 1800 existing analog cameras, an intuitive 2D multi-layer user interface GIS map enabling the fusion of information from multiple sensors and systems, and airport MUFIDS.
  • Systems Integration and Testing
  • Product Procurement
  • Training Services
  • Security Surveillance Test Lab
  • Extended Warranty and Maintenance Services

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