Access Control System Upgrade/Biometric Deployment

Project Description

SDI was contracted to upgrade all hardware and infrastructure required to support the Biometrics component of the Access Control System at Category X Airport. The Access Control System (ACS) controls the passage of staff (not passengers) into secure and sterile areas of the airport in line with the regulatory requirements of 49 CFR 1542 and the Airport Security Plan (ASP). In order for ACS to be fully secure, the system must address three (3) checks for an individual’s identity: something they have) ID Badges, (something they know (PIN code) and something they are (biometric finger scan).

The ACS that was in place encompassed only two of those factors: ID Badges and PIN codes. The third critical feature of security access control systems’ Biometric identification (something they are) was just emerging at that time. In order to accommodate this emerging technology, O’Hare had to add and upgrade two critical areas: 1) a fiber backbone infrastructure including modems and provide a continuous network backbone to the Airport’s DOA users, and 2) Upgrade present loops/channels from leased lines or RS232 to RS422 fiber modems to communicate with the D600 access control panels. Future access control panels will have the capability to use RS232, RS485, or TCP/IP protocols to communicate with the host via the fiber backbone.

Project Goals

Deploy Biometrics to increase access security; replace obsolete and non-supported hardware/infrastructure; reissue badges for all 45,000 O’Hare employees; and assist with the application of new Biometric technology within the Airport.

Services Delivered
  • Upgraded hardware and infrastructure to support Biometric devices
  • Designed, built, tested, and deployed approved Biometric devices
  • SDI rebadged all 45,000 O’Hare employees
Project Results

This project had an immediate impact through increased security and restricted employee access. SDI implemented a highly improved badge reading system that works with the new Biometric devices along with the reissuing of employee badges. All Airport employees were recertified bringing them up to code with the new security level qualifications.

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