Workforce Scheduling Implementation

Project Description 

A major airport authority desired to implement workforce scheduling technology for its airport operations, bus operations, and customer service representatives to include the transition of managers and employees from paper-based scheduling to an online scheduling system using Kronos’ Workforce Telestaff, with integrated attendance tracking via Workforce Central with InTouch biometric time clocks. The project has expanded across the airport and beyond this initial deployment group to now manage attendance tracking for more than 1,000 employees on more than 30 clocks for timekeeping and 300 employees for scheduling. 

Project Goals

The airport authority desired a workforce scheduling application for airport operations, bus operations, and customerservice groups to schedule shift work and balance overtime assignments. Automated functionality such as employee rotational assignments and email and text notifications, decreases the time managers spend scheduling employees and facilitates visibility into employee timeoff requests and overtime assignments. The project was extended to include administrative teams, maintenance, and trades employees.  

The airport authority contracted with SDI to implement Kronos Workforce Scheduling system. SDI worked side-by-side with HR, schedulers, timekeepers, and other management staff to determine all scheduling requirements for employees across one of its airports. After the design, SDI led configuration, validation, training, change management, and post-deployment support efforts  

Services Delivered 
  • Led requirements gathering and design sessions  
  • Developed a project plan and budget for detailed systems design, implementation, and rollout phases 
  • Assisted in developing scheduling policies and use procedures for Kronos Workforce Telestaff
  • Implementation, integration, testing, and training for various new and existing functionalities in Kronos Workforce Telestaff and Workforce Central (including time clocks)
  • Integrated Kronos Workforce Telestaff with Kronos Workforce Central to provide for accurate scheduling information based on realtime data from time clocks
  • Set-up Biometric time clocks, including employee enrollment
  • Delivered an electronic workforce scheduling application– Kronos Workforce Telestaff, to 350 employees; and Kronos Workforce Central application to 1,300+ hourly employees and 25+ employee groups 
Project Results 
  • SDI implemented the Kronos Workforce Scheduling and the Workforce Telestaff applications successfully.  
  • All milestones and go-live dates were on schedule and within budget. 

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