IT Managed Services for a Large Thermal Utility

Project Description

SDI was contracted to manage the daily information operations of a 200-component Local Area Network (LAN) for the world’s largest interconnected District Cooling System, helping the utility company manage quality control. By evaluating, purchasing, and securing software and hardware, developing information storage and running multiple operating systems, SDI created a network that enables the District Cooling System and its dependents to share information. This corporate LAN is also integrated with a Wide Area Network (WAN) that helps the District Cooling System’s communicate between its four plants, client buildings, and their professionals at off-site locations. There is also integration with the parent corporation network for email and internet access.

Project Goals

The energy industry demands that firms use their network to communicate to the fullest potential. The Utility wanted a user-friendly LAN to manage and standardize documents and information to help the company’s internal departments share data and work together to produce the best results for its clients’ real estate owners.

SDI Services
  • Maintain networked equipment, which includes workstations, file servers, plotters, and printers
  • Maintain a Help Desk to give over-the-phone solutions and dispatch service representative (5×8); troubleshoot hardware/software maintenance and repair
  • Upgraded plant control network backbone from 10MB fiber to a switched 100MB fiber network with additional connectivity to client billing sites; Upgraded internal plant connectivity from a 10MB ThinNet network to 100 MB switched CAT5.
  • Developed a central database repository for all 6 plants‘ computerized maintenance management information.
  • Managed access controls system database for plant security.
Project Results

The SDI managed network helps the District Cooling System serve its clients by enabling both the corporate employees and plant engineers to share information while completing projects. This, combined with standard graphics and applications developed by SDI, helps the District Cooling System enhance quality control and meet engineering industry standards.

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