Integrated Video Security and Guard Tour System for a Juvenile Detention Center

Project Description

SDI was contracted by a large US County to design and manage the installation of a campus-wide video security and guard tour system for its Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (JTDC). The project builds on SDI’s unique combination of mission­ critical security technology expertise and 20 years of public sector construction experience.

Client Objectives

The county wishes to reduce overall safety risks to juveniles and staff by significantly increasing the number of video surveillance cameras throughout the facility. This project replaces the JTDC‘s functionally-limited analog CCTV system, to deliver robust monitoring capabilities to control staff and juvenile interaction in critical areas.

The project will provide:

    • The addition of over 700 recordable High Definition cameras campus-wide that can be viewed in real-time for proactive security operations
    • Video Storage Array for 30 days of digital video retention
    • The ability to generate recordings of video clips for investigative and reporting purposes
    • The Implementation of a wireless network system that will allow JTDC Security Staff to Monitor Resident Movement in the entire JTDC area through a RFID – WiFi Solution.
    • The capability for security officers to automate real time juvenile status updates from scheduled ‘guard tours’ (bed checks)
    • JTDC Security Control Room Upgrade with Console and Video Client Enhancements
    • Implementation of a “Situation Room” with Video Management System Clients and an Audio Visual System for Situational Awareness Design of all related infrastructure for the new security systems, including a new Video Management System MDF, IDF equipment rooms, necessary copper and fiber optic wiring components, wired and wireless local area network, and electrical infrastructure upgrades.

Services Delivered

  • Site Assessment Surveys to drive technical design; Regulatory Standards Review
  • Technical Design and Bid Specifications Development
  • Support for Bid and Permitting Processes
  • Wireless Network Site Survey and Design

Project Results

The SDI Team oversaw construction and implementation of video cameras, digital recording and guard tour system for the residential floors, school area, medical areas, outside yard, gymnasiums, lower level storage, stairwells, and dock areas of the JTDC facility.

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