Geographic Information System and Technical Assessment for County Recorder of Deeds

Project Description

The County Record of Deeds desired to improve its ability to use GIS technology and to align its IT strategy to that of overall County by leveraging external expertise in GIS and IT. SDI will deliver a solution that incorporates a phased approach at providing GIS-related products to the County.

Client Objectives

County Recorder of Deeds users stand to significantly benefit through enhanced geo-enabled data and analysis capabilities delivered by GIS.  The County understands that GIS technology will be instrumental in improving its land records management and strategic thinking when attempting to tackle pressing issues such as fraudulent recordings and foreclosures. GIS technology provides spatial data management, spatial analysis and visualization tools that will provide a unique and much needed perspective of the County Recorder of Deeds land records information.

Services Delivered
  • Performed an in-depth analysis of all current business practices using GIS technologies, as well as determined where GIS can be integrated into additional business processes to improve analytical or strategic thinking, data validation, data reporting, and visualization
  • Provided a Technology Assessment of current GIS needs and a roadmap for improving the use of GIS
  • Supplied an application design which the County Department of Technology’s GIS team can use to develop a GIS website for the Recorder of Deeds
Project Results

SDI’s Current State Assessment and Recommendations document allows the County to move forward with preparing the hardware and software platforms upon which to base the new GIS and its enhanced functionalities.  SDI’s recommendations on appropriate staffing will help the County make full use of the enhanced capabilities provided in the GIS. By using GIS, the Recorder of Deeds will begin to modernize its practices and methods and improve its ability to better serve its constituency. In the future, the County’s GIS application can also serve to provide County residents and other commercial or governmental entities additional geo-enhanced, land Records-related information and products.

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