Digital Video Management System Across Regional Police Facilities

Project Description

A Regional Police Department selected SDI and partner EMC to design, install and support an end-to-end Digital Video Management System (DVMS). The project also included replacing existing cameras in the Holding Facilities at six other Police Division sites.

Client Objectives

The City Police needed installation of new cameras to provide full video surveillance coverage of the prisoners as they pass through the entire booking, jailing and release process within the police stations. Along with the Holding Facilities cameras, other surveillance cameras in non-prisoner areas within the stations and parking lots should be tied in to the system to have the capability of monitoring from a central console at each Police Division.

Services Delivered
  • Reviewed technical and operational requirements, and developed a System Recommendations Report
  • Revised the scope and design of the system to reflect the Client’s request to add 40% more cameras than originally planned
  • Integrated the cameras into the DVMS at six Police Division locations – over 200 cameras
  • Implemented the Department’s video recording and retention policy on the Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Rolled out the production system on a site-by-site basis, including User Acceptance Testing
  • SDI provided System Administrator Training and customized End User Training classes
  • Currently providing on-site and help desk system support and maintenance services for a two-year period
  • Using a ‘device’ development kit, SDI developed and implemented a custom application to ensure access to live video even if an enterprise network outage occurs
  • Additional scope of work included specifying and installing both new and upgraded replacement cameras (fixed and PTZ) and cabling around the exterior of four of the Division facilities and parking areas, and integrated with the VMS
Project Results

The Department now has the capability of continuously viewing the prisoners via the DVMS, which allows them to improve monitoring of all prisoner movements while in custody. The centrally-stored video provides the capability of creating synchronized, recorded video clips for evidentiary purposes. The Police are now able to better manage liability associated with prisoners in custody through quicker, documented resolution of complaints received and reduced investigative effort related to complaints.

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