IT Strategic Planning Services for West Coast City

Project Description

The City desired development of an IT Strategic Plan as a basis for their organization to proactively change their IT environment to better manage their total cost of ownership for IT; obtain greater benefits for the IT investments being made, and to improve their ability to more effectively respond to future requirements.

Project Goals

The City wanted to better allocate its IT resources, obtain greater benefits for its IT investments, and more effectively respond to new and/or changed requirements.

Services Delivered
  • SDI conducted an Assessment of the City’s existing resources and use of those resources compared to best practices and the City’s goals and priorities.
  • SDI made recommendations, balancing between remediating the City’s immediate IT needs and providing the foundation for the City to reach the target IT maturity state.
  • Gathered information regarding IT processes, challenges, and issues
  • Conducted a survey of the user community
  • Interviewed key user stakeholders and IT management and staff.
  • Conducted an independent assessment of how closely the City’s IT practices conform to best practices
  • Made specific recommendations on IT Governance, the City’s business technology applications; IT service delivery; infrastructure; security; and administration.
Project Results

SDI delivered:

  • User Survey Report
  • Baseline Technology Report
  • List of the City’s current and future projects
  • T Strategic Plan (ITSP) and Roadmap

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