Dawn Gupta

Chief Relationship Officer

Dawn Gupta is a client-focused executive with over 20 years of experience.  Dawn works directly with the CEO and Executive Team with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives. She focuses on accelerating organization performance through cohesive strategy planning and execution.  Dawn collaborates with the team on the implementation of organizational changes for optimal effectiveness.

Dawn is actively involved with relationship management and assists with any business development functions required. She has created an internal program called SDIALIGN which is designed to strengthen the relationship between SDI and the Client.  Dawn is also a Certified Health Coach and has created an initiative focused on employee morale and wellness called SDITOPIA.

Dawn was involved in the recapitalization efforts in 2016 with partners David Gupta, Jack Hartman, and Sharee Wolff.  At that time, the team added “Presence” to the SDI name to further communicate the company value system of “Presence for Client, Colleagues, and Community”.

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