Off to See the Wizard: The Wonderful Wizard of Ops

Gartner defines AIOps as “platforms that utilize big data, modern machine learning and other advanced analytics technologies to directly and indirectly enhance IT operations (monitoring, automation and service desk) functions with proactive, personal and dynamic insight. AIOps platforms enable the concurrent use of multiple data sources, data collection methods, analytical (real-time and deep) technologies, and presentation technologies.”  

In practice however, AIOps means different things to different vendors, with overlapping services, conflicting claims, and varying levels of maturity. We may not be all the way over the rainbow yet, but skies are blue. Let’s, for just a moment, pay attention to the significant configuration behind the curtain. Let’s demystify the “AI” in AIOps, and explore how SDI can bring it to life.  

It’s true that enabling AIOps in your organization’s enterprise management platform does not singlehandedly preempt every possible issue, but by applying the right skills, the right workflows, and the right tools for your environment, AIOps can measurably improve business outcomes by auto-learning, filtering, and correlating alarms more effectively, with tracking and trending via two-way integration with ITSM.

The numbers speak for themselves. Since implementing SDI’s AIOps Platform to manage a large city’s infrastructure we have achieved a 50% reduction in duplicate alarms/extraneous tickets. Time-to-action has decreased by 45%, and 70% of incidents are now resolved by Tier 1. The key to this success is maintaining an accurate Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and customized prioritization and alarm thresholds. By identifying trends, correlations between devices, locations, and events, AIOps empowers the SDI Team to benefit from real-time root cause analysis toward the ultimate goal of automated rule-based resolution.  

Today’s mission critical networks, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments demand quantifiable continuous improvements and ongoing integration of insights gleaned from a plethora of performance metrics, beyond the scope of what even the brightest and most talented team of technicians could deliver alone. That’s why AIOps is the heart of SDI’s service management, processing alerts from multiple sources, beyond static thresholds or numeric outliers, to proactively detect abnormal conditions and behavior and anticipate their business impact.  

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