Cloud Data Management Insights from Industry Experts

Last week, SDI Presence, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), and Picarro collaborated on a webinar—Sky High Insights: Elevate Your Business with Cloud Data Management. Full of insights and stories, the webinar was a rich discussion shedding light on the potential of cloud solutions. 

The virtual event featured a panel of industry-leading speakers—SDI’s Solutions Director of Cloud and Cybersecurity, Galaxia Martin, Mike Gosz, the VP of Data Analytics at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), and Julien Klein, Sr. Director of Marketing, Business Development, and Product Management at Picarro, Inc. The panel delved into multifaceted questions focusing on the cloud’s impact on efficiency, innovation, and costs, as well as exploring the intersection of AI and cloud. 

The conversation highlighted the significance of leveraging the cloud to boost efficiency and reduce delivery times—especially in the utilities and educational sectors.  

  • Julien Klein emphasized the success of the P-cubed initiative, powered by AWS, and highlighted strategies for promoting innovation.  
  • Mike Gosz discussed the need for universities to innovate and engage a wider audience, leveraging cloud technology to reach students regardless of location.  
  • Galaxia Martin pointed out that AI is already here and will have the capability of preventing infrastructure vulnerabilities and generating new products through communication with apps.  

Overall, the discussion had some fun predictions around the dynamic of AI and cloud—underscoring the pivotal role they’ll play in the future of technology. Missed the webinar? Watch the recording for expert insights! And if you’re interested in learning more, CONTACT SDI TODAY.