COVID-19 Workplace Return Space Utilization Services
COVID-19 Workplace Return Space Utilization Services

The SDI Team provides CDC-based workplace return recommendations and services based on accurate square footage.

Industrial Real Estate Square Footage Accounting

An accurate BOMA Industrial measurement is the foundation for efficient/safe daily operations, portfolio asset management, and confident procurement and sales.

IT Strategic Planning Roadmap

SDI’s IT Strategic Planning create roadmaps for how the implementation and use of technology allow agencies to provide efficient, cost-effective services to citizens.

Cybersecurity Overview

SDI offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services to address our clients’ current state of cyber exposure and to affect immediate cyber improvements.

ERP Procurement Process

SDI offers our clients a proven enterprise resource planning (ERP) procurement methodology designed to meet the unique needs of municipalities.

IT Strategic Planning Overview

SDI’s approach leverages proven methodologies while providing the flexibility to adapt to each of our clients’ specific tools and needs.

Office 365 Overview

The SDI Team is well-versed in guiding clients to the 365 platforms optimized for each unique client environment.

Presence Managed Services

SDI’s PRESENCE managed services programs are designed around our unwavering commitment to being present for our government clients.

Profolio Overview

SDI helps building owners and managers increase leasing revenues, achieve operational efficiencies, and optimize the security of their properties.

Commercial Real Estate Overview

SDI offers proven technology solutions that empower our commercial real estate clients to be more competitive within their markets.

Emergency Planning Solutions

SDI delivers critical building information, emergency procedures, and evacuation plans and signage for commercial, residential, and public assembly facilities.

SF Accounting

SDI assists real estate professionals with maximizing rentable revenue, overall valuation, and tenant safety.