From municipal and county courts to social services agencies, many organizations are burdened by lengthy, paper-intensive and complicated internal processes, involving poor document management tools. SDI delivers flexible and user-friendly electronic case management solutions that drive efficient and collaborative workflows and ensure that case information produces a single source of truth for multiple users.


SDI has teamed with COURTVIEW to deliver dynamic case management solutions for government courts, prosecutors, and other justice agencies to streamline operations, increase case processing efficiency and improve collaboration between multiple departments and outside firms. The SDI Team offers a comprehensive solution – including installation, configuration, integration, testing, transition, deployment, training, support, and maintenance – to deliver a low-risk, enterprise case management system. The experienced SDI Team brings our best-in-industry project implementation approach and working knowledge of related government application and infrastructure implementations to meet budget and schedule expectations.

The SDI Team brings both business process knowledge and a broad pool of technical resources to successfully implement a case management solution that drives greater proficiency with technology, and enhanced public access to the court system. Our seasoned professionals bring deep Courtview product expertise, as well as real-world business knowledge, best practices, and proven track records of implementing complex, integrated solutions.

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