Insights and Inspiration: Ric Mims’ Key Takeaways from HDI

HDI SupportWorldLive 2023 was an action-packed conference—full of the latest trends in support and service management. SDI rocked the exhibit floor, and our ServiceNow Solutions Director and HDI Strategic Advisory Board member, Ric Mims, took the stage to share his decades of expertise. Ric was highly engaged in sharing knowledge and networking with peers—as well as gaining insights on delivering exceptional ServiceNow consulting and implementation.  

Below are some common themes from discussions at the conference—get ready to level up your ServiceNow game with Ric’s takeaways. 

  • The platform is too robust and flexible to go it alone. Often organizations do not adequately plan and design their implementations around the ServiceNow platform, but SDI is here to help. 
  • We find that onboarding processes (tasks) are not being properly tracked on the ServiceNow platform. When these tasks aren’t tracked properly or done in a timely manner the organization will experience breakdowns in processes leading to employee frustration and possible churn. 
  • We find that most ServiceNow users need some kind of technical guidance on the platform. SDI provides support that resolves technical problems—performing changes at the code level and in communication with ServiceNow support. For technical guidance, we can help with but are not limited to the detection of system issues like unfavorable performance trends, user and access management, or even workflow configurations.
  • We find ServiceNow users struggle with remote management of the ServiceNow platform. SDI’s Virtual Management Program provides the managed service experience and skillset to fully manage your ServiceNow environment remotely. 
  • Oftentimes, old business models, workflows, and processes are failing or are out of date, and you need help obtaining buy-in from your senior management in the initial search for a new platform. SDI can offer pre-defined package service models based on budgetary requirements and process maturity. Also, we can provide an affordable model for SMB customers to reap the benefits of ServiceNow while realizing a lower cost of ownership. Just ask us about SDIKnow!
  • Organizational Change Management is needed to get internal organizational buy in when rolling out a new tool and processes. SDI ensures that our customers achieve clear, distinct ROI from their ServiceNow investment by working closely to drive high levels of adoption, address culture changes, and remove frustration for end users through well-planned solution adoption initiatives.
  • AI Technology / ChatGPT- Many customers require guidance on their Knowledge Management practice to enable their chatbot capability. Most IT environments are not ready to tackle this technology just yet, but we predict it will gain in popularity and use over the next couple of years.

Are you experiencing any of these challenges? Contact SDI for expert assistance and let our team assist with your ServiceNow needs.