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Event Management System Implementation for Category X Airport

The Aviation Department chose to implement an advanced EMS as a comprehensive replacement to the current Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, for use by the...

Physical Security for Large Beverage Company

A major consumer beverage company will build an 800,000+ square-foot distribution center in Glendale, Arizona.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment for Large State’s Board of Education

The State Board’s Technology Support and Infrastructure Division sought to engage the professional services of an independent, qualified to conduct a multi-phased Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment Services for District

As part of the District’s IT plan, DDSD requested that SDI run a network vulnerability assessment. The District wanted everything except their SCADA network tested.

Advanced Video Surveillance for Power Utility Tower Light Monitoring

A large power company has a high voltage power line that spans nearly 2.5 miles, with five towers in the water and two additional towers...

Maintenance Services and Technical Support for the Integrated Public Safety, Security, and Operations Systems

SDI developed and currently maintains the comprehensive system, used for event response at the Communication Centers of two major airports.

Cybersecurity Audit for Major Toll Highway Authority

One of the nation’s largest tolling authorities contracted with SDI to commission and lead a security audit of the organization’s complete technical environment.

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Megapixel Surveillance System Implementation Across a City Airport System

SDI delivers megapixel video surveillance at a Category X airport’s security checkpoints.

Command Center Technology Design through Deployment for Category X Airport Response Coordination Center

SDI architected an integrated technology platform that marries 26 disparate security and operations systems, to deliver enhance situational awareness.

Access Control and Alarm Systems Upgrade Across Department of Motor Vehicles Facilities

SDI provided integrated video, access control and alarm systems for each DMV facility.

Deploying an Integrated Security Command Center for a Major Convention Center

SDI designed and deployed command center security technology systems for a 2.2 million square foot convention center.

ID Credentialing/Management at Category X Airport

In light of recent security breaches at airports around the US, new security requirements required all new ID badging at all airports for employees and...

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Technical Support for Large US City’s 911 Center

SDI provided technical services to the emergency management office, bringing well-certified talented staff and in-depth knowledge of public safety systems and operations.

Security Command Center in Major U.S. City

Design and implement technology systems for a new Security Command Center in a major U.S. city. The Command Center will oversee the 2.2 million square...

Advanced Perimeter Surveillance System for a National Memorial

SDI delivered an advanced security and perimeter solution to safeguard a national memorial and its visitors center, providing complete domain awareness of the entire memorial...