Access Control and Alarm Systems Upgrade Across Department of Motor Vehicles Facilities

Project Description

The DMV leases several multi-story office facilities throughout each District. Each facility was initially equipped with an access control and alarm monitoring system (ACAMS). In 2011 it was determined that each of these systems would be migrated from the legacy system to a NSMS platform to be compatible with the City’s Electronic Security System.

Client Objectives

In 2011 SDI completed the system migration for five DMV facilities. At each location the DMV occupied the space during the cut-over and migration process. In order to ensure a seamless migration, SDI was responsible for the development of the cut-over and phasing plans for each facility. SDI developed and executed a deployment strategy that ensure the new ACAMS platform was communicating and tested prior to removal of the legacy ACAMS platform. SDI deployed the new ACAMS control panels, interface modules, relay inputs/outputs, power supplies, etc. adjacent to the legacy head-end systems. The new ACAMS head-end components were connected to the network and tested for communication with the primary server.

In addition to verifying the communication between the panels and server/software head-end, SDI ensured the cardholder database for each facility was entered into the new ACAMS platform, ensured the access category creation was complete, ensured the icon placement and mapping was complete, and ensured the alarm linkage was complete prior to the cut-over. Once each of these elements was verified by SDI project management and engineering, the legacy system was decommissioned and the new ACAMS platform was brought on-line.

Services Delivered

SDI was responsible for the equipment procurement, design/documentation, development of cut-over plans and phasing, installation, testing, commissioning, training, and project management for each facility including the following services:

  • Smart Card Access Control
  • Electronic Locking Hardware/Delayed Egress Locking Systems
  • Alarm Management System
  • Video Surveillance System
  • Video Storage and Archival
  • Permits and Inspections
  • Cabling Backbone, Edge Device Installation, Final Connections, Initialization, Testing, and Programming
  • Mapping and Icon Placement
  • Access Category Creation
  • Alarm Linkage
  • Integration to Central Station for Monitoring
  • Security Command and Control Center Integration
  • Close-Out Documentation/CAD Drawings
  • Project Management and Program Administration
  • On-going Technical Support
Project Results

The deployment was completed as a brownfield project where the owner occupied and functioned throughout the works installation.

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