Advanced Video Surveillance for Power Utility Tower Light Monitoring

Project Description

A large power company has a high voltage power line that spans nearly 2.5 miles, with five towers in the water and two additional towers at each end. There are several lights on the towers that are required for FAA and navigation. The current method is to have a human check the lights on a periodic basis through visual inspection. There are new regulations that have been passed that require these lights to have an active monitoring system in place to notify the client of light failures.

Client Objectives

To meet the goals of automating the monitoring of light towers, SDI implemented an Advanced Video Surveillance Solution for Light Tower Monitoring. This solution will provide email notification of light tower periodic status checks and failure reports.

Services Delivered

SDI provided the necessary materials and services for the implementation of advanced video surveillance/megapixel video cameras deployed to monitor the Light Towers. A system was developed based on a megapixel platform which monitors seven towers with flashing lights and reports failure of the lights to the user via an email mechanism.

Other services include:

  • Hardware Configuration
  • System Setup
  • Procurement
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Project Management and Administration
Project Results

The system will be able to achieve the client’s goal of receiving automatic alerts after light failure. Based on our observations of the recorded data, cameras monitor several towers at the same time, and light activity is assessed over a 24 hour interval.


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