Video and Access Control Installation/Integration for a National Airline

Project Description

A major airline contracted with SDI to design an upgrade their legacy CCTV systems at an international hub aiport, including for a new club facility. As part of the new construction, SDI installed CCTV systems with a Windows-based, Digital Video Management System (DVMS) utilizing off-the-shelf hardware and leveraging their IT network. The airport shared funding of the video system ‘head-end’ component so that airport security could access all airline cameras.

Client Objectives

  • Install new cameras to provide more video coverage for Customer Service staff
  • Better utilize real-time video to support the Station Operations Center, Customer Service, and Baggage Operations
  • Provide capability to retrieve and play recorded video to support operations assessments and incident review
  • Provide flexible video retrieval and viewing capability to a greater range of end users and functional managers
  • Deliver a DVMS that is expandable to support more cameras at more locations

The new system needed to leverage the airline’s existing network while providing new cameras and real-time video capabilities.

Services Delivered

  • Overall Program Management
  • Video system design, specification and documentation
  • Coordinated with construction team to deliver systems within project timelines
  • Access control and video integration of design and programming
  • Design ‘fiber network connectivity’ solution leveraging the airline’s existing fiber network
  • Installed network switches and video encoder equipment and integration with the airline and airport’s network
  • Installed, configured and commissioned video system head-end and video storage component
  • Installed cameras
  • Installed video viewing stations
  • Customized off-the-shelf training materials for airport personnel
  • Developed and integrated a ‘wiper control’ module into the video system to eliminate the need for manual controls
  • Provided training and on-going support

Project Results

Airline personnel have unprecedented control over an expanded and improved video system that is integrated with access controls and the City network.

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