Security Technology Managed Services Program at Category X Airport

Project Description

With the ever-evolving nature of aviation security and the extensive physical changes underway at airports, the Department of Aviation is challenged with managing its security technology environment to 100% uninterrupted availability; keeping current with the latest proven technologies; and complying with federal directives. The Department required a dedicated, responsive partner to continuously and proactively install, maintain, repair, and provide comprehensive technical support and spare parts management of core access control, ID badging, video surveillance, and computer-aided dispatch systems. The program also includes access control hardware, intercoms, CCTV cameras, broadband LAN systems, an uninterrupted power source, and recording systems. It is further integrated with extensive door, gate, lock, video, and ID badge readers and acts as a comprehensive, interactive system, operated at both airports.

In 2015, the Department re-selected SDI to continue to provide a cost- effective maintenance and technical support program, governed by strict Service Level Agreements.

Project Description

SDI provides a qualified and capable support team to provide comprehensive, 24×7 on-call technical support services to the airport security environment:

  • Design, turnkey implementation and support of the 3000-camera Digital Video Management System, including wireless video surveillance and access control cameras:
    • SDI moved over 750 analog cameras to the new digital VMS in less than 90 days
    • SDI virtualized the video recording system to provide higher availability and reduce both the physical footprint and resource consumption of the large-scale system.
    • SDI upgraded the Department’s multiple petabyte video storage area network (SAN) to provide faster access, increased storage capacity, and increased redundancy.
    • Checkpoint/ Exit Lane megapixel surveillance with the TSA.
    • Implementation of video analytic program, analyzing passenger behavior at security checkpoints and escalators, and license plate recognition at traffic posts.
  • Support of the Access Control Host program, which controls 1,200 portals from a database of nearly 45,000 badged employees and over 100,000 flight crew personnel.
    • Support of all ID Badging program, with over 50,000 users and 2,000 card readers.
    • SDI upgraded to biometric access control and smart card technology (the first US airport biometric implementation approved by the TSA), including reissuing badges for all 45,000 airport employees.
  • Incident management center design and commissioning, integrating Aviation Police, City Police and TSA law enforcement in a consolidated operations center.
  • Computer Aided Dispatch system support
  • 24×7 on-call project maintenance services, including remedial and preventative maintenance
  • Spare Parts Management and inventory
  • Vendor service contract management and Facilities Document Management
  • Training and support of Departmental staff, including TSA, Aviation Police, City Police, and FBI personnel.
  • Command and fusion center technology build outs at both airports, including audio visual upgrades.
  • Various mobile security systems deployments.
  • Retrieval, analysis and reporting of dispatch, video, audio and event files, and geographic/geodesic data.
Project Results

Since 1991, the SDI Team has provided seamless support for legacy and newly implemented systems, while cost-effectively managing and supporting anenvironment of ever-increasing device and server counts. SDI has continuously achieved the airport system’s requirements and outstanding customer satisfaction across multiple stakeholders. The Department of Aviation relies upon SDI to assist in planning for their future technology platforms, providing research, guidance and pilot programs for new technologies to determine how they can best benefit the Department.

SDI has delivered cost-effective, innovative technology systems to organizations throughout the public and private sectors.

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