Digital Video Management System and Security Management System Integration at an International Airport

Project Description

SDI provided one of the busiest, single-runway commercial service airports in the nation with advanced security technology professional services to improve its security operations.

Client Objectives
  • Implement advanced video and security technologies at all airport checkpoints to improve detection/response and recovery
  • Install and integrate digital video management cameras and software with the airports security management system.
Services Delivered
  • Performed a design review and specified implementation criteria and integration requirements for the deployment of an advanced security management software platform and digital video management system to improve security surveillance at all checkpoints and baggage screening areas.
  • Implemented updated checkpoint and baggage screening area maps, and established a set of “response scenario” rules in the security management software to ensure that incident responses are standardized.
Project Results

SDI integrated both security management software and digital video management systems, allowing both TSA and airport security personnel to view all checkpoint cameras and use advanced “subject tracking” features of the security management software from a single user interface, allowing airport security personnel to better communicate and manage incident response.

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