Advanced Mobile Security Technology Deployment at International Airport

Project Description

Authorities at an International Airport wished to increase the level of security of its airfield environment. To enable advanced security technologies, SDI provided a turnkey solution that spanned from camera coverage design to wireless mesh networking.

Client Objectives

Airport officials turned to SDI to increase their ability to patrol the airfield area, focusing on enabling their Aviation Police staff with mobile applications of security technologies.

Services Delivered
  • Program/Project Management
  • Site assessments, physical and logical network design of wireless mesh network covering the airport’s property
  • Digital Video system integration design and programming
  • Ruggedized hardware procurement and configuration
  • Access control systems integration design and programming
  • Camera procurement, installation and configuration
  • Training and Support
Project Results

SDI provided the Aviation police vehicles with cameras and laptops and delivered the capability of patrolling police to both record video, as well as pull video from city network via the SDI-installed wireless mesh network. Additionally, SDI delivered mobile handheld biometric devices for airport security officials, allowing them to challenge anyone on the airfield for their credentials. Subjects must not only produce an authorized access card, but also must biometrically swipe the device.

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