Arm your Property Manager, Security Director, and key tenant personnel with emergency building information on their tablet devices. SDISECURE® app provides mobile building information on your iPad or Android tablet to enhance emergency response and expedite recovery times – for every building across your portfolio.

For events including fire, building lock-down, emergency evacuation, or a power outage, SDISECURE® provides standard operating procedures for over 20 emergency scenarios, as well as contact phone numbers, floor plans, and evacuation routes tailored for each building. And SDI’s in-house security team can evaluate your camera system for compatibility and configure your tablet device to also view live video footage from your building’s security cameras.

SDI provides a turnkey solution for building management – including tablet procurement, space measurement, training, floor plan maintenance, and coordination with your City’s 911 Center to meet emergency response requirements.

“SDISECURE gives me peace of mind that all of my emergency information is up-to-date and easily accessible on my mobile tablet.”

I can quickly pull up contact information and evacuation procedures for all types of emergency scenarios – bomb threats, fire, power outages. I feel as prepared as I can be at all times.” 

Commercial Real Estate Security Director

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